Privacy Policy

Everyone gets an email and forms in the mail that ask you to submit your personal information. Regardless of what it is for, you should always make sure you are protecting yourself. If you do not know the company or are just filling out spam mail, you could be setting yourself up for identity theft problems somewhere down the road. If a company does not have the proper security, you could be putting yourself at risk. Review their Privacy Policy for more information on how the company will protect your personal information. Express Online Payday has the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. Please review this page frequently for any updates.

Privacy Policy Purpose

Express Online Payday wants to provide you with information regarding your account with us. We will explain how this company will use your personal information to create an account for you. We will also use your personal information for other various reasons. This will be discussed within this Privacy Policy page. Any time that you access a website, the information you enter, will be used for a purpose. At Express Online Payday, your account is important to us. That is why our company provides security to protect the information that we have on file.

There are two different types of information that pertains to you. There is personal information that directly affects you and your life. Then there is non-personal information that does not affect you personally. Your personal information is described as your full name, telephone number, social security number, address, etc. All of this information directly affects you. If that information was compromised in any way, you would have a hard time correcting your life. Non-personal information is described as your IP address, the type of computer you are using, your current location, the browser you are on, etc. This information is used for analysis purposes only. It cannot harm your life or jeopardize your protected information.

When you protect your information, you are basically protecting your life. With your personal information in the hands of the person, you could have trouble in the future. Identity theft is something that is hard to recover from. That is why it is very important to understand where you are entering your information. Is it a trusted website? Are you filling out a trusted form? These things are important to think about when entering your information. Protect your personal information at all times by only filling out forms from trusted websites.

Privacy Policy Updates

There are times when Express Online Payday will release information with or without your knowledge. Below, are a few examples of why your information would be provided with or without your knowledge. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact an associate and we will be glad to discuss your concerns.

When a company merges with another company, you may ask what happens to the customers’ accounts? In a situation where two companies merge together, all information becomes shared as one company. Your personal information is still protected at all times. Instead of having separate accounts, all information will be stored together.

If Express Online Payday received any type of subpoena signed by a judge, we are obligated to release any information requested. This is our obligation to uphold the state laws. You will not be notified of this process. However, if you have a legal representative, that company could request additional information from the legal court.

Written or verbal consent, will automatically qualify for the release of information to the desired party. This will only be done with the individual’s consent, prior to the release of information. We will not release your information to anyone who acts on behalf of you. They must have a form signed and dated by you, for the requested documentation.

There are a few occasions where we will release information without your knowledge. If you are under investigation, we will release any information requested by a judge. This scenario also follows the same guidelines as a Subpoena presented to Express Online Payday. It is a state law that we must abide by. You will not be notified of this process.

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